In the pipeline

Adding more building blocks, obviously, hopefully also for some new languages. Also, the site will be revamped responsively.

1 August 2023

In case you want access to a recent update of the Atari ST/TT/Falcon desktop accessory "Wowbagger 5.0 (The Zombie Edition)", check here.

17 July 2023

I naively thought I would help to topple Putin by insulting him exclusively, but I was disappointed at the uselessness of the act. So I removed it. I also removed mention of the XXX password anywhere on the site. Lastly, possibily more positively, I added a great many English and Dutch adverbs, and also actually went through all Dutch building blocks to re-categorise them XXX/U, and spellcheck them.

14 March 2022

Instead of calculating all the totals and percentages in real-time for each insult, these values are now calculated once per words update and later displayed much more rapidly. Insult generation went from taking up to 30 seconds to under 2 seconds! Also, fixed functionality of the "Click here to go back to the insult generation menu" button, which had never worked properly since the start of the PHP insult section of this site (almost exactly 9 years ago).

25 February 2022

Until something final happens to Putin, all insults will be aimed at him.

30 December 2020

The total number of possible insults in all languages together burst through the 2 billion (American: 2 trillion)! Nearly 99% of those insults are English, by the way. It took a little over 3 years to reacg this milestones from the first billion.

26 August 2020

Through the past two years I have kept adding building blocks to the database. But this time the number of English insults in particular has grown by about 20% since October 2017! I also extended the "thanks" in the Manual this time, and improved the questions page for people who would like to help adding a new language.

19 September 2018

Minor textual site improvements.

10 May 2018

Reconfigured the site to https.

24 October 2017

After having added quite a few words in the preceding months, the site now burst through the 1 trillion (US) / 1 billion (European) possible English insults. 1,050,712,370,400 to be exact.

13 July 2017

Changed the site to allow access via an API. This allows for much more flexibility (also in regular mode), as can be seen when you use the "About" button to view the site background info. This extra flexibility also necessitated the use of more careful input validation and a different data access library. Additionally, I came across some incorrect wordings in various languages. All fixed now!

26 May 2017

Extended the "Trump insult mode", and simplified the user interface so that even he himself may be able to use it without assistance.

24 February 2017

Added a special "Trump insult mode" triggered on his date of birth, June 14th.

10 April 2016

Corrected (well, deleted) dead links.

8 April 2015

Added the inverted exclamation mark (¡) in front of Spanish-language insults. Now only more building blocks need to be provided...

31 March 2015

Made it a lot easier for people to help me to add building blocks or even entirely new languages. Also improved general design, CSS and HTML here and there.

6 January 2015

Added one more possible Wowbagger logo to the home page (thanked be Dave Moss!).

14 February 2015

Added total-insults-created-so-far information to the home page.

28 December 2014

Some Dutch and Czech words added to the database update (as well as some stuff corrected here and there). The home page now wishes you a specifically interesting day on certain special days of the year. Oh yeah, new random home page logos added, too.

8 December 2014

Special "Loads of Love for Krampus" insult database update with new chain-slappingly cool insults! Also, I have finally figured out how to get diacritics displayed right. Right on!

26 December 2013

Special Yuletide insult database update with new yummilicious insults! On a side note, the software downloads have been phased out.

3 March 2013

The Javascript 'Insult' button no longer uses Javascript but some cool PHP scripting that allows for more languages to be used, and more insults to be generated (including hardcore ones).

21 December 2012

Added a Facebook "Like" thing in the main menu.

1 January 2012

An insultingly excellent year to you all! Switched to a better visitor tracker.

4 May 2007

I added a new update/news announcement list to the main menu.

1 February 2005

I incorporated the password information in the web site.

15 April 2004

The site has been reworked a bit (including the addition of a PayPal 'donate' button).

20 August 2002

Due to the site being mentioned in the 'Weird Earl' section of The Straight Dope we're finally getting the number of visitors that I always felt this pretty funny and rather unique program deserved :-)

13 May 2001

News reached me that Douglas Adams has died, unexpectedly, of a heart attack. He was aged 49. A sad day to the world of humour.

August 1999

This site was started, as a support site for downloadable software (Atari ST and Windows) incarnations of the insult generator.


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