Thanks for your willingness to extend the building blocks library of an existing language. In theory, all you need to do here is provide me with lists of the various bits of language that can, once thrown together according to the grammar rules built into the database, be used to generate insult sentences.

Please, when making the lists, keep the following in mind:
1) If your language has genders that actually influence the form of words, please specify the gender (neutral, feminine or masculine);
2) If you want to add genuinely offensive (racial, sexist, anti-religion, etc.) building blocks, please mark them with "*" or "xxx";
3) Type carefully (no typos!) and only use real words.

The following building blocks are a part of the Wowbagger database:


These are building blocks like "says", "shouts" and "whispers" which can be put at the "x" in "Wowbagger x:".


These are building blocks like "enormously", "incredibly" and "very", which say something about an adjective, like "an INCREDIBLY ugly potato". If they are gender-specific, please tell me because the site can't handle that yet.


These are building blocks like "red", "ugly", "huge" and "beautiful", which say something about a noun, like "an extremely UGLY gnome".
Do note:
In some languages (for example French), an adjective can be placed BEFORE or AFTER the noun depending on the word. If that is the case, please indicate the position.
If you want to add a positive adjective (like "beautiful") that can be negated (like in "you're a NOT particularly BEAUTIFUL potato"), please indicate that by adding a "-".


These are building blocks like "man", "woman", "child" and "gnome" that describe something or someone, like "an exceedingly shy KOBOLD".
Wowbagger also supports special things I call MASS nouns. These are words like "pee", "vomit" or "rat's droppings" that can be used together with so-called "Collections" (see below), like in the sentence "you are a hugely underrated bucket full of VOMIT". If a noun in your list is a MASS noun, please indicate that using the tilde ("~"). Although the Wowbagger insult generator is quite flexible, it cannot handle these things for languages with gender inflections (cases).


These are building blocks like "mountain covered with", "bucket full of" and "ovary filled with" that combine with mass noun such as described above, like in "you are a hugely insane CUPBOARD PILED FULL WITH urine".
These cannot be used for languages with cases.

Feel free to make your lists enormous. I have an automated script that will import words and automatically throw away duplicates.

In return for your kind assistance you will be pleased to see you name appear in the list of thanks near the bottom of the "About" screen. Eternal notoriety and perpetual ignomy will be your share.



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